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I AM SO KATE Boutique is an E-Commerce brand that was founded in 2015. The brand caters to the adventurous traveling women looking for a vacation wardrobe. As well for women looking to attend brunch, date nights, or running errands in style. I AM SO KATE Boutique only carries timeless pieces, allowing the women wearing its pieces to capture memorable moments through photographs. I AM SO KATE is a life-style and enhances the beauty of the patrons that wear their garments. 

I AM SO KATE is launching a “Luxe Resort Collection” of Kimonos. The brand initially released their signature “Monaco Kimono” in February of 2018 and based on the overwhelming demand of the Kimono the brand decided to launch a full line of kimonos which will include vibrant colors, prints and textures made from Vegan Silk, Silk Chiffon and Denim. The line is slated to be released in January of 2020 and is forecasting the kimonos to be available in High-end Boutiques & Spas, Hotels, Resorts & Casinos. 

I AM SO KATE not only provides women with timeless pieces but supports initiatives and charities focused on women. Because of the brand’s philanthropic efforts, the brand was awarded a day in their hometown of Houston via a Proclamation from the Mayor to continue their efforts with the support of City Hall. 

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